Switchable Low E window glass delivery to New Zealand

Here’s a switchable Low-E window glass unit customized for one of our customers in New Zealand. It has a thickness of over 25mm, combining switchable laminated glass and low-e-coated insulated glass.

The length of this glass unit reaches more than 2800mm, which consider a large size window unit. However, most PDLC switch glass factories have a size limit of 2050mm. In contrast, VSOM GLASS can process large-size switch glass, thanks to our equipment capacity, so our clients do not need to sacrifice aesthetics due to size constraints.

Below are some photos of this shipment:

Switchable Low E window glass
Switchable Low E window glass
insulated smart glass
insulated smart glass

Further information about insulated & switch glass

Glass Combination: Switchable low e window glass

When combining switchable glass with insulated glass, it should be one-sided laminated glass, as it is better to have PDLC film in the middle of the glass instead of using PDLC film on the surface of the glass, which will reduce the lifetime.

Insulated Glass

The insulating glass window fills with molecular sieves between two pieces of glass. An aluminum spacer frame separates the periphery with a sealing tape to form a dry space between the glass layers or a product filled with inert gas. It has many advantages: good thermal insulation, sound insulation, impact resistance, good air-tightness, good water tightness, good fire resistance, and good security.

Switch Glass

The switch glass is also known as electrical switch glass, PDLC glass, switchable glass, smart glass, electronic curtains, and color-changing glass. It is a unique photoelectric glass product with a sandwich structure that combines a liquid crystal film into the middle of two layers of glass by high-temperature and high-pressure gluing. The user controls the transparent and opaque state of the glass by controlling the current switch.

VSOM GLASS offers a wide range of customized glass for different applications. Do you have a project that needs architecture glass? Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information!