Textured glass around our life

We always see these glasses in our lives, but for all most people don’t know that it is called textured glass (also figured glass, patterned glass). Patterned glass has these characteristics, like keeping a balance between beauty and privacy, practicability, etc.

Figured glass with pure color and simple shapes. Thus, more and more interior designers prefer to bring these glasses concepts to life. They infuse glass elements into the home, contemporary furniture, and interior design.

Patterned glass is applied in various applications, including residence, office, furniture glass, bathroom door, windows, interior design, lamps, tables, partitions, etc.

Then, we will introduce two patterned glass: fluted glass, ribbed glass, and introduce how you can incorporate patterns into your home. Please enjoy this glass journey together. ­

ultra clear fluted glass
ultra clear reeded glass

Fluted texture in bathroom door & partitions

In recent years, the pattern has been the designer’s favorite element of glass. Patterned glass has been widely used in interior design. The appearance rate of patterned glass has been relatively high recently, particularly “ fluted glass”. It is a kind of patterned glass that has been very popular. You have two colors to choose from of fluted glass: clear and extra clear.

When you use fluted glass in partitions, it helps to add visual interest to home design and gives the home more privacy while still letting light in.

glass partitions

When using it in the bathroom door, it’s better to use two-layer laminated glass; for example, combine fluted and frosted glass, which is more safety and hazier. 

glass partitions

Ribbed texture in art furniture glass (  glass cabinet & glass tables)

Whether the ribbed glass(you also call it reeded glass) is in furniture or other design, it’s also has a better decoration and practicality. We provide many different patterns to choose from. Such as ribbed glass, usually inserts for cabinets and tables.

Reeded Glass Cabinet

The tempered architectural glass top is functional, with clean and simple lines. In addition, the glass is tempered more safely.

glass table

What is the kind of textured glass, and how many glass textured options?

In addition to the above two patterns, there are many unique types of patterned glass that we have available. Generally, according to the pattern, the main ones are velvet, chicchi, dimante, soleil levant, maple, cyber rain, etc.

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