5mm ribbed glass has shipped out last week

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5mm ribbed glass has shipped out last week On June 17, we received a ribbed glass inquiry from a USA interior design company. We have offered all information that the client required in one day, then the client confirm the order that evening. [...]

Textured glass around our life

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Textured glass around our life We always see these glasses in our lives, but for all most people don't know that it is called textured glass (also figured glass, patterned glass). Patterned glass has these characteristics, like keeping a balance between beauty and [...]

What is Fluted Glass (Ribbed Glass/Moru Glass)?

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Fluted Glass, sometimes we say Ribbed Glass or Moru Glass. It has become the darling of interior design and even product design due to its excellent appearance and broad applicability. Today we will discuss ribbed glass from the following aspects: What is fluted [...]

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