5mm ribbed glass has shipped out last week

On June 17, we received a ribbed glass inquiry from a USA interior design company. We have offered all information that the client required in one day, then the client confirm the order that evening. We arrange the production immediately the next day and finish it on June 24. For this whole order, we only take 7 days to finish. This is not only because of the client’s trust, but also the cooperation of the production department. So if you have any urgent orders, don’t worry, just trust us, we will always try our best to support our clients. Below are some photos of this shipment.

ribbed glass
ribbed glass

About fluted and ribbed glass:

  • Fluted glass: It has the characteristics of glass itself — translucency. But the concave of the fluted glass itself has the effect of blurring reality, so it produces a hazy effect that transmits light that can not see through. For thickness, the popular usage is 5mm and 8mm thickness. 5mm thickness is usually used in partition&decoration. For 8mm, it is heavier, and better to use for doors.
  • Ribbed glass: It is also known as thin Reeded, Skytech, or Corduroy, the ribs are 3mm wide and run parallel to the long dimension. It can use clear glass or super clear glass. Now ribbed glass is more popular used in partitions, as it looks more exquisite. Most of the thickness used is 5mm.
reeded glass
ultra clera fluted glass

Usually, if we don’t look closely, fluted glass looks similar to ribbed glass. But actually Fluted glass has inward concave, while ribbed glass has outward convex. Ribbed glass has more dense, fine vertical stripes. We have samples for both fluted glass, and ribbed glass. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free sample at any time.