In a world where acoustics play a significant role in creating conducive learning environments, Canadian educational institutions are continuously seeking innovative solutions to address the noise challenges faced by their students and staff. Recently, VSOM worked with our Canadian client for the second time to provide a specialized laminated glass solution based on their school soundproofing requirements.

Client’s Requirement

Our client, a reputable educational institution, sought a transformative solution for their interior spaces. The primary objective was to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics while significantly reducing noise disruptions within educational settings. The educational institute aimed to enhance the acoustic insulation in its glass door installations. Therefore, they were looking for a solution that could effectively reduce noise transmission while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Customized Solutions

After carefully assessing the client’s needs, VSOM recommended the use of 5+0.76+5+0.76+5 laminated glass, consisting of three layers of laminated glass with a 0.76mm interlayer. This solution offered remarkable soundproofing capabilities with an impressive sound reduction rating (STC) of 45 dB.

Technical Challenges

To meet the project’s unique demands, VSOM had to overcome specific technical challenges:

  1. Application of 3M Frosted Film: Applying the 3M frosted film on the backside of the glass was a meticulous task. Achieving a bubble-free, professional finish required skilled experts well-versed in handling delicate films. The frosted film served a dual purpose, providing privacy and diffusing light while complementing the aesthetics.
  2. Installation of Explosion-Resistant Film: The glass doors were also equipped with an explosion-resistant film, adding another layer of safety and security. This challenging installation required precision and expertise to ensure the film’s effectiveness in the face of potential threats.


Our team, armed with specialized techniques and a cohort of highly skilled professionals, maneuvered through these challenges adeptly. The combination of the 5-layered laminated glass and the precise application of the films resulted in an acoustic environment that surpassed expectations. The spaces were not only acoustically optimized but also exuded an air of safety and aesthetic elegance.

Notable Achievements

The installed soundproof glass solutions provided the educational institute with an environment conducive to learning and focus. Meanwhile, the enhanced acoustic insulation significantly reduced noise transmission, creating quieter spaces for students and faculty members. Most importantly, The client’s satisfaction was evident in their repeat orders and positive feedback on the efficacy of our solution.

  • Enhanced Acoustic Insulation: The installed 5+0.76+5+0.76+5 laminated glass effectively reduced noise transmission, creating quiet, focused learning environments within the institute.
  • Privacy and Safety: The 3M frosted and explosion-resistant films added a layer of privacy and security, ensuring the well-being of the students and staff.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The frosted film maintained an elegant and visually appealing design, allowing the diffusion of natural light while preserving privacy.

Intriguingly, this successful collaboration marked only the beginning of our partnership. The client’s satisfaction led to ongoing cooperation, as they continued to explore the possibilities of laminated glass in various applications.

Here is the customer feedback

Enhanced Soundproof Glass Solutions for Canadian Educational Institute's Glass Door Project

Customer feedback 1

Customer feedback 2


In short, this case study exemplifies the fusion of cutting-edge glass solutions, technical prowess, and a client-centric approach. The amalgamation of three-layered laminated glass with specialized film applications has not only enhanced the acoustic integrity of the educational spaces but also underscored our commitment to delivering tailored, high-quality solutions that align with our client’s precise needs.

Our partnership with Canadian educational institutes serves as a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of conventional glass applications, offering exceptional solutions that resonate with the nuanced requirements of our clients.

For further insights into our innovative glass solutions and to explore how we can elevate your spaces, please do not hesitate to get in touch. VSOM exists to provide quality glass solutions–helping you design and create the best architectural or interior possible.