Ultra-clear switchable glass is shipped to the USA

In 2022.5.16, we shipped the smart glass with the thickness(6mm+smart film+6mm) to our USA customer. There is a smart film in the middle, while two pieces of super clear glass thickness of 6mm. The glass is finished perfectly, which looks smooth on the surface, with no scratches and no bubbles. It looks beautiful.

flat smart glass
flat pdlc glass

We have this client from our website. As soon as we got the inquiry, we gave our positive feedback in no time. We double-checked with the customer about the details of size etc. Then we quoted our most affordable price to customers according to some requirements on transformers. A few days later, customers were willing to give us a chance, and we finally confirmed the order. After production, we immediately packaged it well and then couriered it to their address. After our customer receives the product, we will get back to you with more details.

6+6 smart glass
6+6 smart glass

What is smart glass?

Smart glass is a laminated glass with a liquid crystal interlayer. It can switch between transparent and opaque effects. So it protects privacy, ensures safety, blocks UV, and reduces noise. It can be made into curved smart or customized. It can use as an interior partition; The smart glass protects the privacy and is not affected by daylight. Switch between transparent and frosted status, which makes it a good privacy glass. It can shield more than 90% of infrared and ultraviolet rays. It also keeps an excellent sunlight transmission.

curved electronic glass
hot bending switchable smart glass