What is the difference between dry-process laminated glass and wet-process laminated glass?


Dry-process laminated is a product synthesized with PVB&EVA&SGP film through high temperature and high pressure.

It is to sandwich a layer of PVB&EVA&SGP laminated film between the two pieces of glass so that the two pieces of glass have firmly adhered to the middle diaphragm so that even if the glass is broken, it will be glued to the film, and the surface of the broken glass is still clean and smooth. This effectively prevents the occurrence of debris piercing and penetrating fall incidents, ensuring personal safety, and has a strong anti-penetration ability.


Wet-process laminated is made by curing glue under ultraviolet radiation.

It is to pour synthetic resin between the two pieces of glass, and after sunlight or ultraviolet light baking, make the two pieces of glass stand together, and can achieve the effect of not falling off after breaking, but the strength&anti-aging is not as good as the PVB&EVA&SGP effect. Wet-process laminated is not affected by the product shape, such as flat laminating, curved laminating, triangle type, etc. All can be done.

But the dry method is generally flat tempered, and the curved tempered can only use the vacuum initial pressure. So few companies have this equipment.

The quality of the three-term type inspection of the wet method is significantly lower than that of the dry method. Generally, such as household railings, the wet method can be used as the price has around USD2.5 to USD3 difference, but such as those used in sightseeing elevators, can’t use wet method, because the glue will turn gray when exposed to the sun, and bubbles will appear after a long time, which will affect the field of vision.

The dry-process laminated looks translucent, uniform, and has no foreign body sensation. After the glass is broken, it is connected together, then it is the dry process laminated. If it is scattered, it is wet process laminated, generally cheap and fast production, all are wet-process laminated.