What’s a copper-free silver mirror?

Ordinary silver mirror: In the production process of standard silver mirrors, after the reflective layer of silver is plated, a copper layer will be plated on the silver layer to protect the silver layer (silver is a very active chemical element, and it will be easily oxidized if exposed to the air. And it turns gray, just like silver jewelry, it will turn gray and dark after a long time. This is why to have a copper layer above), and then spray the protective lacquer twice to protect the mirror from damage.

A copper-free silver mirror is also known as an environmentally friendly silver mirror. As the name implies, it refers to a silver mirror that does not contain copper, unlike ordinary silver mirrors with copper.

The difference between copper-free silver mirror and ordinary silver mirror

Copper-free mirrors have better quality and higher durability than standard mirrors. No bronze mirror is environmentally friendly, and we can use it for a long time. Regular mirrors are easily damaged. The quality is average and not environmentally friendly.

  1. There is a passivation protective film for copper-free mirrors, which is environmentally friendly and extends the service life. Therefore, copper-free mirrors are also called ecologically friendly mirrors.
  2. The mirror does not contain copper, which is different from ordinary mirrors containing copper. Instead, the mirror has a very dense passivation film on the surface to protect it, effectively preventing the mirror from being scratched.
  3. The wear resistance, adhesion, corrosion resistance, and other properties of the copper-free mirror are better than those of ordinary silver mirrors, and the reflectivity is higher. The use time of copper-free mirrors is longer than that of standard silver mirrors.