Customize the smart switchable glass samples for EURO customer

Intelligent glass is also called smart switchable glass, now more and more widely used, but because of its high price, it is still difficult for many people to choose smart switchable glass because of the price.

At present, it is widely used in high-end office partitions, bathroom glass partitions in high-end residential areas, and even in some high-end shops and exhibition areas and so on. In addition, It can switch between frosted and clear glass.

While protecting people’s privacy, it also gives people the opportunity to choose to be sharing.

smart glass

Last month we finished and delivered the customized smart glass samples for a EURO customer; he customized the special size for unique useful. But, unfortunately, we are not in a position to disclose details.

But we also can customize the size and thickness for your projects if you are also interested in smart glass.

smart glass
Intelligent glass
pdlc glass
Switchable glass

It is a smart laminated glass customizes size, thickness, and color. Also, it can be as intelligent insulated glass for curtain walls. Welcome, contact us for more.